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January 2, 2012


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Alright... I don't do this very often. But with recent events transpiring how they have, I feel that some things need to be said. First off I'm gonna state that this is all my own personal opinions, feelings, or whatever garbage you wanna call it. Now, don't look at this like I'm the author of MLD, look at this if I were a normal brony.

This entire journal is, in ways, a response to the recent postings on EqD about the youtube take downs, the pony archive destruction, and other related situations. Seth has been very professional on those postings, as well as others including Pixel Kitties who have done very good at setting a lot of bronies straight, and for reasons I'm not sure, I just felt like adding my own few cents into this mix. We need more bronies like them, who actually take time to think things over and look at the problem from the other side. I like to say I do also, but this isn't about me so I'll cut that crap. Hasbro, for over a year now, has been just amazing to us all. Allowing the youtube videos, fan art, music, and just anything else we've made up. And for that, we all should be overly grateful. Every time we search anything of MLP, we should be saying some sort of grace to Hasbro for allowing this amazing content to exist in the first place. Lauren Faust gets credit for even starting the show, her ideas and such, but that's something completely different and not a part of this.

From what I have seen, read, and been told, as of a week(?) ago Hasbro has officially been pulling the plug on the main sources of all the episodes for either download or simple watch. First off, in all honestly, that sucks. Being a brony, of course that sucks. Does that mean they don't want us to watch and enjoy the show anymore? Hell no! Hasbro is smart, if they weren't  then this fandom would have died a long time ago. But no, they've stuck by us through all the shit we have given them. When trolls posed as Hasbro, and some nice bronies went and yelled at them for it, did they turn against us? NO!

What people are failing to see is that Hasbro has to not only cover themselves, but also cover their shows, toys, and merch. All of it is effected by how we see the show. Up until a month ago, when confirmation of the episodes out on DVD, Hasbro, I like to think anyway, had no problem with us streaming the episodes online. It drew in fans, to which we bought more merch and such. But now that they are going to release them, then what? What happens to all the free watching online? We have to do what every other normal person does with any other normal tv show: buy the damn things! Hasbro is making sure that they are not going to suffer for making these dvd's. They are covering themselves to make sure that this won't come back and hurt them. We can say "Oh we'll buy them anyway" all we want, but that's just speaking through a screen. That's not a person to person talk, spit 'n hand shake, and a final farewell with a complementary pen and a thanks for stopping by.

What it all boils down to, which to most sounds unfair, is simply put: it belongs to Hasbro, there for they can do whatever they want. Again, that sucks. So we just have to learn to deal with it. And it's not like they are completely destroying what we have. All they are doing is going after the full episodes, none of the other custom made content. And I gotta tell you, if we have to sacrifice watching all the episodes for free on youtube to keep the fan art, fiction, custom plushies, and music, then I can live with that. Even if they have to yank other things, the first I can see being the plushies, then that too is understandable for the same situations just for the toy line. It's not all because they are greedy, money hungry business people who only care about profit. If it were that, then things would be really different. They simply want to protect their investments, and I can understand that. I don't have a problem with any of it. They have the rights to do as they please, and they have been more than fair with what we have done.

So real quick, I'd like to say THANK YOU HASBRO for doing what you have, and for giving us what you have. For allowing  us to enjoy this series with very free and open minds. Thank you for allowing us creators to take this show and make it so much more in the eyes of the fans. You should be proud of yourselves for what you have given us, allowed us to do, and above all stuck with us throughout our successes and fails. Hasbro, or for that matter anyone involved with the show, if you ever read this, just don't allow some of the more... aggressive fans get to you. You must realize that not all of us are naive to realize what you go through, and you need to gain something for your efforts. You need to make money on this, you deserve to. I understand, and I hope others do to, that you can't please all of us. You can't change things in the show or marketing just for us.

This show is meant for the younger audience, the true fans of this show. Now, before you go raging on me about that, I'm gonna explain myself. Us "bronies" in my eyes aren't the true fans of this show. We are a bunch of people hoping onto a band wagon full of marshmellow ponies and sugary candy. The true fans of this show, are the targeted demographic. They don't question the few faults, and continuity errors they have. They don't go and taint the show with their grimdark fics or r34 images. All they do is sit on their couch Saturday mornings and laugh to the funny adventures of six techno-colored ponies. They are the true fans of this show, so who are we to destroy that for them? They deserve more from us. We need to calm down, think things through. Because everything that we do isn't just effecting us. No. It's effecting them too. My three nieces, ages three, five, and seven, all love this show. I showed it to them, and their mother (my sister) ordered the station special just so they could enjoy it. They don't care about all this feeble shit we worry over. All they want is the ponies. So shouldn't that be what we worry about to?

What should we do? Where should we stand in all of this. We do have rights as viewers, and Hasbro has shown us that. And all they simply ask for in return is we allow them to protect their assets, by giving us means to still enjoy the show while prompting us to show them how much we truly love the show. By spending the few bucks on the DVD's, or the itunes downloads. Sure not all of us can afford it. Well, I can't afford a lot of things. I want a lot of things. Don't we all? So what makes ponies any different than that new computer, or tv, or Springfield M1A that we may want. *ahem*

Look, I know this must be tiring to you all to read this, because it's tiring for me to write it. But this has been bugging me for way to long now. At times, seeing how some of you so called "bronies" react has made me seriously consider myself no longer one. Is that what we are? One little thing goes wrong, then we attack what we think is the cause. We bite the hand that feeds us? From what I have seen... yes. We are becoming those monsters that ruin everything, because we feel we're more important and are "entitled" to things. Bah, humbug! We're not entitled to anything. Hasbro could at any time pull the plug on this and say "To hell with you bronies." At times I can't believe they haven't. I amend them for sticking around, loving and tolerating what we do to them in return.

So, if anything you get from this, just anything, let it be this:

Think, before you act. Think, before you speak. And please, put yourselves in the other end's shoes. In this case Hasbro's, or even Studio B's, and think about what they go through and must do to appease us. Because they shouldn't have to. All they should be doing, is creating smiles on little girls faces, and allowing the parents that must sit through this task to have some laughs of their own.

Authors note I need a drink after this one. For that matter, a vacation. This fandom, as much as I want to love it... is anymore disgusting me. To you that need not apply, don't worry. I'm not mad at you. Hell, I'm not mad at anyone, at the very bottom of my "mad at" list is Hasbro. In fact, I'm happy with them. Some of you have done amazing jobs at showing what being a brony was meant to be. Others need prodding to see the light, and even then they go off and do stupid shit, giving us a bad rep. I applaud another brony, Purple Tinker, for doing so much for us to give us a good name in the world. We've been thrown around as good and bad so much... I don't know which we truly even are. For PT's sake. For Seth's, and Pixel's, and every other honest brony out there that does what they can to help others and do the right thing. The bronies that think things over and can actually understand what me and others are saying, to simply, as the fellows at Bronyville put it, "Chill out, it's just a show." To all of you... I hope that the term "Brony" can be looked at down the line as a good term. Not one filled with slander and attacking others as I've seen so much.

If you have any qualms with anything I've said, then say them here. Go for it. I don't care. This is my personal thoughts and opinions, what I've been feeling for weeks now. And if it's wrong for me to feel this way, then sue me. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to continue to prepare for BroNYcon. I'm gonna go there as a fan of the show, say hello and if possible shake some famous people's hands, and hopefully enjoy myself. I'm not gonna make a fool of myself, or draw any attention. I'm going there as a normal dude that likes a show for little girls.

Good night everypony. Sleep well. I hope you've had a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and I look forward to what this year brings us all. God bless, amen, and TTFN
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murphy540 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Amazing points there, Rob. I've been a part of the 'fandom' for roughly 3 months; I've got nothing but love and tolerance from all the 'bronies'

I can't wait for the title Brony to get what it deserves. I still may be a newbie, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant.

As much as we all would prefer otherwise, the streaming on the internet won't stop completely, and all the Bronies won't comply with Hasbro; there will be bootleg and pirated copies elsewhere. I won't name names so they're harder to find, but I digress.

Here's my definition of a Brony/Pegasister:
One who enjoys 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' for both what it is, and what it represents; which includes but is not limited to: The show itself, songs from the show, inspiring messages and morals from the show, even the toys and such.
Because they enjoy the show, and more, they venture out onto the fandom to find more to sate their appetite while they wait for the next episode on the Hub, or iTunes, or wherever else they get it.

I believe your accusation that 'Bronies' are just the ones who jump on the bandwagon is flawed, at least in part. Many Bronies, myself included, legitimately enjoy the show, and don't mind the takedowns Hasbro is doing, though a few are annoyed that it's going to be harder to find the favorite episodes soon.
ROBCakeran53 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Very nice definition, I like that. And I must have used the term "bandwagon" in the incorrect sense, or at least implied it how I did not intend, but oh well.
murphy540 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
Ah, 'tis the error of humanity.
One of my favorite quotes, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw

And thanks for your kind words ^.^
Ficksitup Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Student Writer
You are right about [i]everything[/i] here. This much, I simply cannot deny.

though the part I agree with you strongest on? This fandom. The shit I have seen... It makes it hard to love the fandom, it really, really does.
ROBCakeran53 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
Ficksitup Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Student Writer
That STILL makes two of us, LOL!
T-553412 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Oh, I almost forgot one thing.

The video takedowns are...well, technically is THEIR property, but is going to fire backwards. While a lot of people became fan of the show, and part of the fandom, thanks to them, it's also the only way for bronies outside the US to watch the episodes (Until they launch the DVD to places like South America, where the only way to get pony is by illegal downloads or Youtube). Sure, we may try iTunes, but some people:
1) Don't know about it.
2) Have something against Apple.
3) Can't pay for the episodes (Damn currencies)

Is a problem. There is a solution, and if there's not one, we will MAKE one. Because a house divided against itself cannot stand (A. Lincoln)
amimizunofan22 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
You're certainly not the first person to air feelings of distress with regard to the fandom, nor will you be the last. I, too, feel the same way as you in probably every way. As a matter of fact, thank you. This type of thing needs to be said. I've long felt (or at least, whatever "long" can be considered given that I only began my pony fandom at the very beginning of September) that, among other things, there are a fair number of people who fail to understand and/or live up to the moralistic perspective and ideal of friendship that the show puts forth and that they pretend to follow. There's also a group of people that seem to be fans of the fandom and its products more than of the show.

Working in retail, I am all too aware of how stupid people can be and of how little some people understand business and investment. Unfortunately, the ignorance that the Internet propagates (despite its wealth of information) only amplifies this imbecility. Not to mention the whole culture of people who honestly and wholeheartedly buy into the idea that unlimited piracy is both justified and even ethical. Their mindset really doesn't go beyond "Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free; you are a pirate!" Of course, there is also the mindless self-entitlement that people have. Again, retail exposes me to this a lot, but the Internet only makes it worse.

I always treasure the moments when I have a meaningful conversation with a brony about something relevant to the show and what it stands for. Sure, it may involve speculation, memes, or even ludicrously amusing debates, but it's still more less keeps with the character of the show. Really, my favorite thing to observe in another brony is an understanding of, a respect for, and a promotion of that central tenet of the series as a whole: friendship (and, by extension, love, as true friendship can be understood as a level of platonic love). As much as fanfiction, fanart, fanmusic, etc. are enjoyable on their own, it's an integration of that theme that really makes something stand out to me. Really, it's what got me into the show in the first place. On top of that, it's what the show has actually added a fair amount of value to in my life. I can honestly say that I am a different person than I was in September, at least with regard to my appreciation of and dedication to friendship.

I, too, have noticed the degradation in meaning of the phrase "Love and tolerate." Heck, until very recently, I had been using it myself (though in a capacity that pertained to its actual meaning and implications). However, the whole meme, particularly when paired with the "...the shit out of *insert name or group here*" bit, is turning into a hollow shell of what it used to be. If I may reference Mass Effect, it's now a Husk. Related to both this and your observations, I am starting to realize that I may want to begin to tell people not that I am a brony, but that I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. You're right; there's an increasing stigma becoming attached to the label because of the extremism of certain people. Sadly, it's only in line with a general principle we already know. As the news maxim goes, "If it bleeds, it leads." The badly behaved ones in any group, regardless of their prevalence, gain the most attention. One could use other adages like the "bad apple spoils the bunch" one to describe the situation, but the problem is achingly clear.

In any case, keep strong, buddy. I know that it's tempting to walk out on all the junk, to just reject all the negativity and dumbness by leaving it behind. However, know that there are still good people in this fandom (yourself included) who are dedicated to truly seeing its message lived out. That "Smile!" charity that Bronies for Good is running is a prime example. Plus, in spite of all the trolls, fair-weather fans, and misguided fans, there are those who truly value what you and others do. If anything, we need to stick around and try to be the role models that we set out to be and that our favorite candy-colored ponies have been to US through these episodes. We must stand the tests of time and adversity. As Twilight noted, "Friendship isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for!"

CanadianDesperado Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I am sad to see the full episodes leaving youtube. It was my only access to them :( I just hope the dvd's come out soon! Oh, also, love what you said here, ROB, it needed saying. Oh, and I hope you get that springfield M1, I would love to get my hands on one too!
T-553412 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Well, the a total mess. We grew up quickly. VERY quickly. Now is very hard to see who is a "true" brony, a "regular" brony, a "in-name-only" brony, the trolls and the infiltrated haters.

My advice? Stick to Hasbro and his politics and be VERY carefull when dealing with other bronies. We preach love and tolerancy, but that doesn't means we shouldn't be looking for people who try to hurt the fandom. Hasbro doesn't has the power to oversee every chat-room, site, etc. And that's when we come in.

We created this fandom (Sort of). I say we have to keep this fandom up and running. Dark times are coming, but if the show taught us one thing, is that friendship is able to make wonders. If we split, the fandom ends, the bronies disperse, everything ends in the box of memories. If, against all odds, we stick together and support eachother, there is a chance we might be able to reach an agreement. With everyone.

Of course, that's just me.
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